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The Australian oyster industry includes 550+ individuals and businesses located mostly in three states, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania. The industry is predominately a family owned, owner-operated industry and including owner operators, the industry employs in the vicinity of 2,000 full and part time employees and owners.

In 2007 Australian production of oysters was estimated at 16.446 million dozen with a farm gate value of production of $90-$100 million. 41% of production is NSW, 37% in SA, 21% in Tas and 0.8% in Qld and a small amount in WA. 1.25 million dozen were imported, mostly from NZ, and just over 0.5 million dozen were exported.

Over 97% of oysters bought by Australians are fresh in the ½ shell. The remainder are bought either live whole or frozen in the ½ shell. Only 3% of production is exported; over 80% sold to Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Oyster farmers rely on a complex supply chain for oysters to reach the market. It is estimated that 56% of Australian oysters are bought from food service outlets, 32% from fishmongers, 7% from chain retailers and 2% directly from growers.

Australian oysters all have unique characteristics depending on where they are grown.

For more information on farming in each state, go to:
NSW: www.dpi.nsw.gov.au
SA: www.oysterssa.com.au
Tas: www.oysterstasmania.org
Qld: www.dpi.qld.gov.au/28_13365.htm

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